Don’t Be Defined
By Your Anxiety

Don’t Be Defined By Your Anxiety


Do you often question why you don’t feel comfortable pursuing your dreams? Do you feel like you’re an outsider looking in? Do you feel fear is holding you back from seeking your full potential? Is doubt and dread keeping you awake at night?

You may have anxiety ingrained in you because of a learned pattern of self-doubt that comes from repeated criticism, harshness, anger, inflexibility, and self-destruction. These feelings and negative thoughts are perpetuated by learned helplessness and hopelessness that come from trying constantly to reach a goal but being thwarted by behaviours from others.

You want to do more but this helpless feeling inside prevents you from taking the steps to assertively claim what’s yours.

There’s hope with EFT and guided tapping.

Richard’s approach to anxiety, and its tertiary effects, is to deal with it in a safe and protected environment. He listens carefully and compassionately, giving you the chance to express your thoughts and narrative fully. Then he gently takes the thread of your story in his hands and unravels the despair to lead you towards enlightenment.

When you go through exercises with Richard’s guidance, you will become more assertive. You will also develop an effective and swift strategy to say “no” to people who put unreasonable demands on you, draining your energy. And you will learn to do all this in a guiltless way.

Richard’s careful approach will guide you through the storm of anxiety. With his mentorship, you will become emotionally strong and independent and create a path, which will lead you to a healthy transition in life. You will also learn to look at yourself with empathy and kindness, because there is no room for judgement or criticism in your life anymore.

The entire process aims at giving you an awareness of your own emotional needs and that they precede those of others. A few sessions later, you will have learned to acknowledge your gifts and competence, and use those two qualities to contribute to your own life successes.
With this critical breakthrough, you will become aware of who you are and what’s your why.

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