Anger Management
Panic Attacks
Are you fighting an internal battle with emotions that are weighing you down like a bag of sand? Do you feel mentally suffocated and trapped in a box? Do you feel like you’re losing control of your life?

Step into the Quantum Approach for the safe space you’ve been looking for. As a woman in the prime of your life, you’ve taken on many roles: a friend, mother, sister, wife, daughter, business owner, entrepreneur, educator, caregiver, and more. As these roles begin to define who you are, you lose track of your true self. Unknowingly, you stack up feelings of neglect, lack of acknowledgement, and stunted self-growth as food for inner demons that begin to show up in everyday life.

They manifest themselves through bodily aches and pains, creating hindrances in keeping up with or achieving goals and targets. They suck up your energy levels leaving you feeling drained and exhausted. Once these symptoms compound, they can easily be labelled as anxiety, PTSD, anger, panic attacks, and depression.

Guided tapping, an essential part of EFT, gives you skills to rediscover and rebuild who you really are. This form of coaching empowers you with techniques to enhance self-care, self-acceptance, and self-awareness on your life journey.

Bring everything into perspective as we become a team to build unconditional and open-hearted self-appreciation. The process offers supportive guidance using powerful techniques to build a regenerative self-care routine. You learn to say no, ask for support for your needs, emotional and otherwise, and put yourself before others in your life. And you can do all this without letting guilt weigh you down.
You learn to acknowledge your gifts and break through generational patterns of abusive behaviours that have long bogged you down. You learn to hold others accountable for the parts they play in your life. And all this can be achieved easily with communication skills that guide you through those difficult conversations. Soon, you recognize yourself as the leader of your family, but most importantly of your own life.
Let’s leave fear, anxiety, and trauma behind and begin the journey of you!

Richard Morden
Body Talk

Let the Journey begin here.

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Our Process

Step 01

Find Peace

Discovery Sessions will guide you to uncover noncontributing patterns, map out what you desire to do in future sessions and help you to generate new, healthy and fulfilling life patterns and intentions.

Step 02

Find the Words

We will help you find the words to describe the unconscious patterns that limit us in many ways with invisible walls, massive distractions and/or self-sabotage cycles. We will bring safety into your emotional awareness.

Step 03

Don’t be Defined by Your Anxiety

Often, we are not even aware of what we want or even the choices available to us. We feel life handed us this platter of limited selections and we were the last to be offered it. We will enable you to realize your emotional choices.

Step 04

Find a Solution

We will give you support to find and connect to your real emotions. We will help you create a plan to have empowering emotional choices instead of disguising or avoiding your true emotions.