About Richard Morden

  • Role: Head Coach
  • Experience: 12 years
  • Specialist in: Body Talk


Richard Morden uses EFT (tapping) guided sessions to heal clients of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, anger, and other deep-rooted issues for which traditional therapy may not be effective. Clients looking for support and encouragement in a safe space are drawn to him and this secure, solution-based approach to overcoming limiting beliefs and their debilitating effects.

Richard’s understanding of issues at the root of trauma comes from personal experience. He began his life as a young farm boy with no voice and no hope.

Over time, he confronted his own generational patterns of pain and dysfunction. One day, Richard decided to walk away from it all and begin his healing journey. His fate lead him to a surrogate family that gave him hope at a young age and enabled him to embrace love, despite suffering tremendous loss. This hope worked as a catalyst to propel him into the field that affords him the chance to offer the same opportunity to others.

Richard’s incentive is to share the healing with others through compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom. His vulnerability is what guides his practice of safe progress with a gentle approach to removing the barriers, emotional heaviness and debris that surround personal trauma.

He understands feelings that complicate and prevent growth and how exhausting it can be to hold on to the past. But more than that, he knows how refreshing the new breath of life is following a breakthrough. Richard helps clients look closely at the hard facts surrounding their experiences while acknowledging the feelings attached to those negative events and people. He offers virtual or in-person sessions to teach the tools for self-care to empower clients in daily life.

The synchronicity of his own journey and that of his clients is not lost on him. He has strong connections with both the solitude found in nature and the strength found in community.

Living in the Canadian West, an area both geographically and spiritually attuned with his inner self, Richard continues his journey of healing and teaching others. In future, he wants to work with sensitive children to build resilient and adaptive adults.