Stand Up To Panic

Panic Attacks

If fear is taking over your life, it may be time for you to stand up to the panic and face it.

How do you know you’re a victim of panic attacks?

If you’re in a state of denial, disbelief, and confusion, have difficulty concentrating, feel angry, are irritable and prone to mood swings, your life is slowly being taken over by panic attacks stemming from trauma.

We all go through trauma in our life. It comes in many shapes and forms, some leaving scars that people can see, other only internal wounds.

Panic attacks come from anxiety, which is based in trauma we experience in our lives. Society’s norms and demands on women create trauma at every step of the way. Being held back from realizing your full potential can lead to anxiety about who you really are and what you’re capable of. This ultimately leads to feeling panicked anytime you’re given responsibility to complete a task.

It’s like being told to jump into the deep end of the pool without being taught how to swim. You feel as if you’re suffocating and will drown in your own negative emotions, unless you run away from the situation. And running away may be the only solution you have in your basket — right now.

With EFT and guided tapping, Richard can expose your full capabilities and potential, handing you the power to mould the world as you wish.

You will gain awareness of generational trauma you have carried in your body for ages. Richard will help you gain insight into how this has affected you and in turn your family over the years. This process will not only help you determine your panic triggers but also identify your immediate reactions to those prompts. Once you have a deeper understanding of destructive behavioural patterns, you will grasp how you can shatter them and break free.

With this acknowledgement, will come the question: where do I go from here? The answer is simple. You gather your tools and continue on your individual journey to self-acceptance and achievement, surrounded by inner peace and serenity.

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