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Anger Management

You deal with emotions all your lives: laughing at jokes shared with friends, express compassion for those around you, and feel the pain and happiness of friends and family. But only when you’re able to express them openly, do you connect healthily with those around you. But society creates a code of conduct for negative emotions, such as anger, especially for women, restricting healthy expression.

No one must find out what you’re hiding. It’s a secret you must preserve and keep for what seems like an eternity, until you can’t anymore.

“You need to be patient.”

“That’s how the world goes.”

“Just wait.”

“Because you’re a woman.”

“You can’t do that.”

As a woman, you are fed these statements your entire life but never taught a healthy expression for the despair they generate. Over time, the external script leads you to internalize anger. Left untreated and unrecognized, you may struggle to find ways to contain these negativities.

Your emotions do not define you, especially not the negative ones.

When anger seeps out of that locked up box, it can take over healthier aspects of your life. You’re suddenly feeling exhausted, tired, like you’re running around in circles and never getting anywhere. Your body aches, your head hurts, you turn to alcohol to ease the pain or lean on chemical remedies to find a solution.

You’re trying to find ways to survive and live day by day, while struggling with the bottled up bitterness that feeds your anger, letting it fester until one day it explodes.

Richard uses EFT and guided tapping to confront this anger, and the raw emotions that are gnawing at your nerves. The supportive methodology, first, helps identify where you carry your anger within your body and how it’s being expressed in your behaviour. Richard then works collaboratively to give you the strength to not only control your anger but to express and deal with it in a healthy manner.

Equipped with these practical tools, you will be able to clearly identify the triggers in your environment and stand up to them with confidence, determination, and courage.

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