Anger Management
Panic Attacks
If you are one of numerous women that live life disconnected from their potential, you may have learned to detach yourself by keeping personal trauma hidden in a vault in your mind.

But when the anguish seeps through to the rest of your body, it makes you feel unsettled and angry, and negative thoughts and fears begin to disrupt daily life. But there’s hope, because all this can be transformed into key learning points and strengths that can propel you to move beyond your state of feeling stuck in a box.

Guided and self-help techniques, such as EFT, can assist in restoring clarity and purpose and open the door to more personal development.

Healers often draw on a personal journey to model the unique guidance they provide through therapy. Richard has also learned from his own quest to self-discovery. Through personal experience, he has come to know that a solution-focused approach works to help overcome limiting beliefs. It is the hope he himself found in this method that he wants to share with his clients.

Richard empathizes with the vulnerability his clients feel, giving them the right to express their anguish and pain openly. He strives to create capacity for safe progress, balancing it with compassion to delicately remove the hurdles and hindrances that surround personal trauma.

Richard focuses on teaching you mechanisms and techniques that endorse the person and not the unwanted behaviours or thoughts. He helps clients walk through experiences, looking at the hard facts surrounding their trauma while acknowledging the feelings attached.

This way, Richard can intricately extricate clients from deep-rooted issues for which traditional therapies may have failed. He believes in giving back the power where it belongs: with the clients. Throughout the process, Richard goes through the client’s realities and struggles with them, just as he rejoices in their breakthroughs as they move from surviving to thriving.

Richard lives in Canada’s west, where he plans to farm using a sustainable model with a vision towards self-sufficiency. But community and self-development are an ongoing process for him through a life of discovery, challenge, pain, and joy.